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Friday, August 12, 2011


Ngaben is a cremation, in particular by those who are Hindus, where Hindus are the majority religion in This temple is the Thousand Islands. In the "Panca Yadnya", the ceremony is included in "Pitra Yadnya", the ceremony devoted to ancestor spirits.

Ngaben ceremony at its core meaning is, to restore the spirit  ancestors (deceased person) to the place of origin. A Rauh said the man had Bayu, Word, Idep, and after  died Bayu, Word, Idep was restored to Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.  Ngaben ceremony is usually conducted by family relatives relatives of the deceased, as an expression of respect of a child against his parents. In all these ceremonies are usually spend between 15 million to 20 million rupiah.This ceremony usually done with a lively, no sobs, as in Bali there is a belief that we should not mourn those who have died because it could hamper the spirit of the journey toward place.

Day of Ngaben determined by finding a good day which is usually determined by Rauh. A few days before the ceremony Implemented Ngaben families assisted by the community will make"Bade and Ox" a very stately wooden, multicolored paper and other materials. "Bade and Ox" This is where laid.

Then "Bade" rollicking carried to the ceremony Ngaben, accompanied by "gamelan", and followed by all the family and community.In front of "Bade" there is a significant length of white cloth as paving the way towards the spirit of the place of origin.In each T-junction or intersection, and "Bade" is played 3 times.Ngaben Ceremony begins with prayer rituals and spells of Ida Rauh, then "Cow" which was burned to ashes then discharged into the sea or rivers are considered sacred.

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