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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


           Hilton was born on December 25, 1887 in San Antonio, New Mexico. He was the second child of eight siblings, and first boy. Hilton led the 185 hotels in the United States and 75 overseas when he died at age 91, in January 1979. Men who have this vision has carved his name in history. In 1965, the hotel business has 61 fruit Hilton hotels in 19 countries, in other words, the effort was 40,000 rooms and staff employees to reach 40,000 people. Hilton alone control 30 percent of large revenues estimated at $ 500,000 million more.

         Not possible to someone starting a business in this life without knowing which direction to its target. As far as I remember ... me included have the nature of enthusiasm. With the enthusiasm that continues to push and prayer to protect me, I can say that I liked what I've done in life. There can not, with such capital, difficult people do not live with an active, rich, and even more so, happy. If someone has the ambition that drives him, which led him confidence, and health to apply all his ability, not unlikely he will achieve success, whether in what manner.(Conrad Hilton, Hilton Hotel)

Pick people who are competent, place them in key positions and implicitly to the decisions of their hearts. (Conrad Hilton, Hilton Hotel)

Show deference to anyone who you are facing. (Conrad Hilton, Hilton Hotel)

Hmm .. great great indeed this Mr. Hilton. The struggle and hard work are also a high willingness to study can make a successful person. Hopefully this article useful and can inspire us and motivateus not to despair and continue to strive to achieve success. ^ ^

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